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Hublot and Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation

bildschirmfoto-2016-10-19-um-13-36-21 Hublot, the luxury Swiss watch brand, always true to its values and “The Art of Fusion” mission, had the honor of inaugurating the new feline Black Jaguar – White Tiger sanctuary in presence of Mr. Jean-Claude Biver, President of LVMH watch division and Chairman of Hublot together with Ricardo Guadalupe, Hublot’s CEO. Jacky Bracamontes was the perfect host in company of Eduardo Serio Black Jaguar – White Tiger CEO, to welcome the Swiss Brand in this new sanctuary, proof of the hard work and labor of Eduardo, and also, his true love and dedication to the animals under his custody.


Today, Hublot, confirmed and continued the compromise with the feline Foundation announced last month in Mexico City.

Hublot and Black Jaguar – White Tiger, launched three special and limited editions, one in gold limited to 50 pieces, one ceramic edition limited to 100 pieces and one in steel, also limited to 100 pieces.


The 3 limited editions were completely inspired by felines. The dial of each timepiece, reflects the strength and nature of the animals with the “head of tiger” embossed design. The black rubber strap, is engraved with the characteristic pattern of the tiger fur.

Once more, the Swiss Brand confirmed with this legendary association, its commitment to charity, our planet, the living species and the constant vision of being “first, unique and different” in every field.

The Foundation, is responsible of preserving multiple species, most of them are felines, but now on, thanks to the diffusion of the project and the good and positive results and ambassadors, the Foundation is able to welcome multiple endangered species, always with the aim to transmit a message of love, care and respect to all the species inhabiting our world.

During the press conference, Jean-Claude Biver expressed the importance of the partnership with a Foundation sharing the same values, mission, vision, philosophy and the compromise of leaving a better world for the future generations.

Thanks to the expansion and opening of more than 50 habitats, now the Foundation will be able to shelter, feed and take care of more than 350 animals from different species.

Nowadays, the Black Jaguar – White Tiger Foundation is worldwide known thanks to the great work done and results, but from now on, it will also be known because of the 3 high-end timepieces specially designed by Hublot for those who have a free, strong, independent and mistic spirit.

Jean-Claude Biver, President of LVMH Watch Division and Chairman of Hublot, “There is no living being who does not deserve respect, from now on, you will be able to wear in your wrist, the living proof of the alliance and preservation message, with a Hublot style. We feel very proud and commited with the cause, the world that we inhabit, and with the coming generations. In Hublot, we have the mision of join us to the projects who share our expectations and values”.